Red Hot Chili Peppers Reveal If Josh Klinghoffer Is ‘Worthless’


Former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Josh Klinghoffer recently revealed if he was ‘worthless’ compared to John Frusciante on the WTF podcast with Marc Maron. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments. Josh Klinghoffer recently discussed his drug use.

“That’s the thing I was sort of unaware of the whole time, I learned, I never read the internet anyways. But the first tour I did with them, I’m sure there were lots of people comparing me to John. I think I spent probably far too much time thinking about that.

I did all of these tours in my 20’s, and was never able to really develop my own style, playing other people’s stuff. But I played like play, I learned from who I learned from, I learned by playing along to what I learned to play along to, so there’s got to be a style there.

But again, now I’m in the Chili Peppers, I’m playing songs that are famous the world over, so I’m trying to be respectful. But I can’t help but just be me, so hopefully if this change, John coming back, and me leaving, had happened 5 years ago, half my time in, it probably would have destroyed me because it would have confirmed all of the things that my mind used to tell me, that I suck, and I’m worthless. We were over a year into writing another album, so I’ve done a lot of writing with them.”

Maron asked, “So there’s work that hasn’t been recorded yet?” Klinghoffer responded, “Yeah, that’s just going to go away I guess.”

He added, “It’s a funny thing, I think it was all positive. It comes down to the history, it’s a funny position to be in, to be the person that, for a second to think that with John: ‘Oh I should be there.’ It’s absolutely John’s place to be in the band. I’m happy for him.” Anthony Kiedis recently broke his silence on an RHCP firing.