Red Hot Chili Peppers Singer Rips ‘Painful’ Bandmate


Red Hot Chili Peppers members Anthony Kiedis and Flea form the nucleus of RHCP, being the two constant original members. In Flea’s new book Acid for the Children though, he recalls an early story where Kiedis ripped Flea for a stupid mistake, and how the story came to define the tension in their relationship. Red Hot Chili Peppers revealed a small crowd at a show a few days ago.

The New York Times reports, “And yet their drama is all there, implicitly, foreshadowed in painful moments from their high school years, like the impromptu camping trip where Flea loses the cap to Kiedis’s canteen while filling it at the river. Kiedis curses his friend out, then gives Flea the silent treatment for the rest of the night.”

Flea himself wrote in the book, “It was a painful pattern, a dynamic that repeated between us in so many contexts for years to come. I was needy for stable support, and he was needy for the stability of control. Symptomatic of my fragility, my yearning for familial comfort. Light does not exist without darkness. The shadow side of our friendship.” He also discussed smoking PCP.

Flea’s book ends right when the Chili Peppers formed, so he didn’t have to discuss Kiedis’ drug issues. Flea said that the original version of the book he wrote in 2015 when injured ended at Californication, which sounds far more interesting than something that barely documents the Chili Peppers years.

John Frusciante’s plan to release unheard material soon was detailed yesterday, and a fan named TheOriginalFireX wondered on Reddit if “You Don’t Say” could see the light of day. leandrorhcp responded, “Could be a possibility. We know nothing about the bonus tracks and although it was confirmed by that ‘customer service’ guy, I won’t get my hopes up until we actually get these unreleased bonus tracks. I think it’s safe to assume they are going to be leftovers from the 2004 recording sessions, but again, nothing is certain yet.”

FootieFighter said, “I’m not counting on it but I hope it because that is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard without really hearing it good.” You can read the full Flea piece at the New York Times.