Relative Reveals ‘Guilt’ Over Chris Cornell’s Death: ‘I Need To Share Your Tears Again’


Chris Cornell’s brother Peter has posted the following on social media:

The happiest place on earth, I’ve never seen it at night. Never been here after sundown. The beauty of a castle lit up for Christmas and I find, like everything else these days, it reduces me to a flood of emotion.

I’ve gotten to the place where I choke back tears before they become obvious. It seems ridiculous to me that after 7 months I cannot control the waves of indescribable sadness, perplexity, guilt and an undue sense of having missed something. Did I miss something?

There was one unexpected component that occurred early after my Brother’s passing that did lend (at least) an opportunity to get out of my own head for a minute. And maybe be of some kind of service. It was the realization that so many of you existed in a place of sorrow that was so similar to my own. I’ve missed the exchange we had when I was able to reach out on FB. So many people have continued to support my family and me. I am thoroughly humbled by this and so very grateful to you. You don’t have to take the time to care for us, yet you do. I THANK YOU!!! I THANK YOU!!! I retreated from social media, because the trolling, bullying, conjecture and lies being disseminated had grown beyond an annoying din and taken on teeth that had begun to bite sharply at myself and some of the others close to the center of my Brother’s world. Albeit mostly nonsense I suppose, there came a time when the voice in my head said this propaganda and blustering could get dangerous, so for the sake of my family, I retreated. There are those of you who have had my back through all of this. It is regularly brought to my eyes that I have guardian angels in cyberspace.

I need to share your tears again. I need to know that I am not in this alone. I need you to know that your feelings and heartache are so, so relevant to me and to my family and to those of us who had the special, very special miracle of being close to this remarkable human. Love you Brother. Love you and miss you.