Review: REVOLUSHN’s ‘Further!!’ Is A Good Time


San Francisco’s Revolushn have released their record Further.

In the vein of the opening track, the classic rocker “Dinosaurs”, many of the tunes on Further are upbeat retro-fusion tracks; “Weird Little Minds” is a strange but delightful fusion of The Doors and The Butthole Surfers, while “Dog Gets High” lives up to its title, delivering a psychedelic jam in the vein of 60’s and 70’s acid rock. “Man Who Knew Everything” continues this string of upbeat throwback jams, like a more garage rock version of the B-52’s.

“The River” mellows it down a bit, delivering an alternating jam between Mad Season-esque verses and a more driving, Live-esque chrous: “River, take me home”. “You Will Go” brings the fast pace to a total halt, offering a more introspective and quiet song led by a driving bass and drum beat, culminating in an eerie guitar solo. “All Is As It Should Be” unwinds after a fast opening into a psychedelic chant of the title.

According to the band themselves: “BE FREE. We want to say you can do anything you want because the universe is larger than shit. We sing about space and life in this fluid
world. You never know what will happen so be happy and nice to other
humans and animals.” By the time the final track, “Time + Travel = Time”, closes out, you may be inclined to agree with them.