Ringo Starr Reveals The Beatles Reunion: ‘It Will Be Epic’


The official Twitter account for the Beatles drummer Ringo Starr recently posted the following GIF. The GIF is of Starr and fellow living legend for the Beatles, Paul McCartney with the caption, ‘Reunited. Peace and Love.’ Ringo Starr recently made a sad Paul McCartney bathroom claim. A fan commented, “It will be epic.”

In other news regarding Ringo Starr and the Beatles, the reviews are in for Ringo’s latest studio album ‘What’s My Name’ and fans can’t stop singing its praises. Ringo Starr recently revealed this disturbing John Lennon murder secret.

Frank proclaimed: “This is an absolutely wonderful release. This is Ringo’s best album since Ringo Rama (2003) and Choose Love (2005) both made with Mark Hudson. There are guest appearances by Paul McCartney, Colin Hay, Richard Page, Joe Walsh, Edgar Winter, Steve Lukather, and Dave Stewart. Standout tracks are a truly lovely cover of John Lennon’s Grow Old With Me with Paul McCartney on bass, and Joe Walsh on guitar; and Send Love, Spread Peace, written by Ringo and Gary Nicholson. This is one of Ringo’s best songs promoting Peace & Love. Peace & Love. Peace & Love. Peace & Love.”

Ringo Starr recently made a painful Yoko Ono remark. Bruce stated: I gave this two listens thru before I decided to review this short-timed CD by Ringo, clocking in just under 35 minutes! Now don’t get me wrong, he’s a Beatle and can do what he pleases. But it doesn’t matter how long it is it matters most what it does to you! Ringo has made an awesome album with a little help from his friends namely Joe Walsh, Dave Stewart, and Paul McCartney!”

The reviewer continued:The first song I appreciate very much as Ringo lets Joe Walsh sing kind of a duet with him! It sounds good with Joe’s guitar playing as well! The third song is almost a Beatle reunion as John Lennon wrote it and Paul [McCartney] and Ringo [Starr] play on it! The remake of a remake from the Beatles catalog called ‘Money’ is also fantastic and totally redone for my ears to enjoy! Ten songs that hit on all cylinders! Buy it while you can!”