Robert Plant ‘Embarrassed’ By Ticket Sales At Concert


Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant was embarrassed by fears that a television performance he did would have poor attendance and threatened to cancel the show, according to a new Artists Den: Behind the Den podcast. Alternative Nation transcribed remarks from the show’s producer. Robert Plant recently confirmed a big name Led Zeppelin replacement.

“So we had the privilege of working with Robert Plant in a show we produced at a war memorial in Nashville. Perfect size, intimate, but large enough for the show. Day of the show, it starts to snow. The band is supposed to arrive at 2:30, they don’t get there until 4. Someone tells me that Plant wants to talk to me, I’m excited to meet him. I go up to his dressing room, and he basically says, ‘Look, no one is going to show up, the city is shut down.

I think we should cancel the show.’ He goes on to tell me the story about a concert he did in Morocco with 85,000 people that was televised, and how important the audience was to the experience on television. I assure him that we would have a packed house, and that the framing would create the energy he was looking for. He reluctantly agrees. Anyways, like an hour later I go outside and there’s 1,800 people standing in line in the snow, they kind of moved Heaven and Earth to be there.

The house was packed, Plant and the band just did one of the greatest renditions of all of my favorite Led Zeppelin classics. To this day it’s one of our favorite episodes, but also one of his. He gives out a blu ray of that show as a holiday gift, it became a live album. For a brief moment, it almost didn’t happen.” Michael Jackson’s daughter recently leaked a gross Robert Plant photo.