Paul Stanley ‘Ugly’ New Photos Offend KISS Fans


Fans of Paul Stanley and Kiss posted their reactions on the Kissfaq fan forum about the recently released Paul Stanley signature editions Puma brand sneakers. While Kiss branded merchandise and collaborations with well-known brands are nothing new for ‘the hottest band in the land’ it has been this, interesting release with the popular sneaker brand Puma that has gotten fans talking to say the very least. Paul Stanley ‘lonely’ KISS meet & greet photo revealed.

Paul Stanley mocked for ‘laughable’ KISS performance. One Kissfaq member, KingofHearts89 wrote: ” [in reference to the site’s description of the shoe’s] These badass hi-tops take court style to the stage. Decked out in animal prints, with a furry leopard-printed back half and star-studded Formstrip, Paul Stanley’s signature flair is on full display in these Ralph Sampsons.”

I think they mean: “These bad hi-tops take court style to tacky. With animal prints, leopard prints and star studs, Paul Stanley can make you dress like a tipsy cougar stuck in the 70s thinking they can pull young men. Also designed for adults who can’t tie shoes.”

Alice Cooper reveals if Paul Stanley ‘scammed’ KISS fans. While another member, ZachAttack panned the hi-top version of the shoe in particular: “Yeah the hi-tops look even worse somehow. It’s those stupid silver straps and the two different animal prints. It should just be entirely leopard print with the black soles and the purple inside, that would have looked cool. He put too much bullshit on there and it looks like those Osiris shoes that twelve-year-olds got at the mall in the early 2000s:”

Do you think the sneakers are a hit or a miss? You can check out photos down below and judge for yourself.