Robert Plant Injured In Awful New Led Zeppelin Photo


A Led Zeppelin fan took a photo of Robert Plant with an injured hand. Lauren wrote on Twitter, “@RobertPlant I see you have an ouchie. Hope you are ok! All the photos of the tour are amazing!🙂❤ ” Plant has been in the news, as Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler recently told a crazy Led Zeppelin reunion story.

Robert Plant discussed his new tour reviews in a recent Instagram post, “On the road again… ‘One of rock history’s greatest vocalists put his star status aside and served strong, beautiful music… the opening song When The Levee Breaks nearly made me lose my breath’ 5/6 Adresseavisen.”

He also said, “‘They’ll be dancing in heaven, On the night of the longest day, A celebration in rhythm, At this time it was always this way…’ solstice and some…! #summersolstice.”

Plant discussed his song “Bones of Saints” on a new episode of his ‘Digging Deep’ podcast. He said the lyrics in the track are “a reflection of the amount of damage and desecration that can be leveled on any particular part of our planet indiscriminately.

So, what is hallowed ground for one era or period of group of people can be almost the reason why it must be destroyed by another group. … The world loses more and more of its joy of treasure.” He also noted that he “was always pleased to give songs a title which had very little to do, at least figuratively, with the content of the song.”

“It’s about vitality. I can’t hold back the hands of time or anything like that, but I can only be in environments where people really, really mean it, musically. Really mean it. In the last 18 years I must have spent 14 of them in the company of these guys. … We have an inherent capacity to start a new project and know that we have business to do.

And so there’s drama, there’s emotion, there’s what I’d like to think is a very, very broad landscape of varied music within what we do, woven together with lyric and melody which has to be appropriate for somebody at my time in the game.”