Dave Mustaine ‘Rejects’ Final Metallica Performance


One time Metallica bassist Ron McGovney dropped some very surprising Dave Mustaine news on Twitter recently. The former Metallica remember recently answered a superfan who wanted to know a follow-up regarding James Hetfield’s old band named ‘Leather Charm’ and stated how he would ‘pay good money for the group’s recordings’. Metallica icon reveals Dave Mustaine ‘sickness’ photo.

To which McGovney responded: “We did have practice recordings. That’s how Dave Mustaine and Lars Ulrich learned Hit the Lights. The tapes disappeared when the band relocated to San Francisco from my house in Norwalk.”

Unfortunately, Dave refused to hold onto one of his final Metallica practice recordings. In other news regarding Dave Mustaine fans recently took to the Metallica subreddit to discuss who the better guitarist his – Mustaine or Kirk Hammett. Fellow Reddit user dagon123 responded: “As a lover of both bands, gonna have to disagree on this one. Now I’m not putting Kirk down, he did, after all, learn all of Dave’s solos and nailed them, so he’s a great player, but better is really subjective, so is feel.” This Metallica icon called out this ‘sloppy’ Dave Mustaine performance last month.

The user continued: “Kirk definitely fit more in with the general style and feel that Metallica was going in thanks to the direction and influence of Cliff, but to say that Dave couldn’t have made solos or good leads for some of these songs is ridiculous. “So Far, So Good, So What!” absolutely proved that Dave could write more than just super fast leads for the sake of being fast. “In My Darkest Hour” is an angrier “Fade to Black.”

While The_Gassman posted: “Obligatory “I love Metallica,” but Kirk is lazy as hell, as people have pointed out. He doesn’t even play his own solos anymore the way they were written on the album, largely because he uses the wah as a crutch and as a means of masking his imprecision. Every solo he pays now is drenched in wah and all soupy-sounding. Say what you will amount Mustaine’s solo-writing, but he’s tight as hell live and always nails them, and they sound better because he’s not masking his shortcomings behind a filter. Check out his solos in “Wake Up Dead,” “Holy Wars,” “Lucretia” and “Good Mourning/Black Friday” for examples of when his solos kicked ass.” This Metallica bassist unloaded on this bad Dave Mustaine ripoff in December.