Nikki Sixx Drops Motley Crue Reunion Show Bombshell


Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx hinted that the band would have interest at performing at the Super Bowl in a new tweet, though he said they have never been asked. A Motley Crue family member recently revealed what’s worse than heroin.

Vigo the Carpathian tweeted, “@NikkiSixx, how awesome does it feel that Kickstart is played at all these NFL venues before kickoffs? Watching Chiefs game right now and it was blasting!!”

Rebecca James said, “I’ve always wanted Mötley Crüe to play Super Bowl halftime. Now that would be one for the books!!!”

Sixx responded, “We were never approached. Too bad. We love football and that’s some bucket list stuff right there.”

A Motley Crue icon recently made a sad AIDS claim. Sixx is currently in New York to raise awareness for the opioid epidemic, “Hard work is a blast with a killer team. Here’s a couple panelists from today that I actually get to call friends @u.s.surgeongeneral @rgrimes60 ….Also very proud to of written the theme song ‘Talk To Me’ with @sixxam.

Productive session @advertisingweek #AWNewyork discussing #stigma reduction #solutions around #opioid use disorder and #addiction for the #talktome campaign by @iHeartMedia @WPP and @forsmarshgroup for @talktomenoac ‘LETS SAVE SOME LIVES.'”

“Today at @iheartradio talking about the #TalkToMe @talktomenoac campaign.Öh and we through in a some rock too 🤘🏽 #NewYork @idhatshop @sixxam new song supporting recovery.”

He also praised a new Rob Zombie film, “#3FromHell isn’t just another bad ass movie from @robzombieofficial. It’s it’s own demon……#blood .. Congrats Rob , Sherri and your whole team. 🔥🤘🏽🔥” Vince Neil revealed a bizarre hair photo recently.