Robert Plant Savagely Calls Out Led Zeppelin Impersonators


Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant gave his take on those who impersonate him and perform his material during a recent of his podcast, Digging Deep. He discussed hearing people play 1982’s “Slow Dancer” from the album Pictures at Eleven in addition to the Led Zeppelin masterclass, “Whole Lotta Love. Alternative Nation transcribed Plant’s comments. A Motley Crue member recently made a bold Led Zeppelin reunion claim.

Plant: I’ve actually heard other people playing it and it’s very seldom that I hear anybody play my songs. [laughs] I hear some people doing “Whole Lotta Love” and stuff but [that’s it]. So it was quite interesting when I heard it, and I thought: “Ah, and if I was singing that, I would do it like this.”

It’s a song that I go to now and again and go “wow.” So seldom do I dig deep but when I do I’m quite impressed at some of the stuff [that I find]. The joy and diligence when you get to the end of a mix, if you play this track, it’s like, “wow” and with the restrictions of and so many things going on.

In those days you had to release, all the channels on the desk were running live so you had to constantly mute things or open them up and if you got it wrong you had to start all over again.

Co-Host: It was a performance all in itself.

Plant: Yeah, yeah, so those four AM dances around the console were splendid because we were all leaning on the cauldron.

Robert Plant also revealed on the episode how he and Elton John battled over a big name rocker.