Motley Crue Reveal Disgusting Limp Bizkit Video


Motley Crue drummer celebrated ‘naked day’ by linking to a video he did titled “Get Naked” with Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst. Vince Neil recently revealed a terrible Motley Crue paycheck, and details about their bad record contract.

He tweeted, “Somebody said it’s national naked day…. sooooo…Tommy Lee feat Lil’ Kim, Fred Durst Get Naked ( Offical Music Video ) via @YouTube.” Another legendary rocker recently weighed in, with Marilyn Manson revealing the bold truth about Limp Bizkit.

Lee later wrote, “I love how hotels will charge you $250 for smokin in your room but you can literally jizz on anything you want and there’s no charge…”

Vince Neil just a week or so ago revealed how he reacted to Mick Mars screwing up a Motley Crue show. Tommy Lee recently responded to a bold tweet from Cardi B about Motley Crue’s new biopic ‘The Dirt.’

Cardi B wrote, “The Dirt is such an amazing movie! It’s crazy I met Tommy Lee a couple of months ago and my mom was maaaa hype when I told her. BITCH I WANNA BE A ROCKSTAR!”

Lee responded, “😂🤘🏻”

Nikki Sixx recently announced a new release, “It’s not just bottom feeder media anymore who creates ‘Click baiting’ headlines to sell advertising.💰 🐖 Sadly society is becoming desensitized and excepts this as the norm. Just wrote a song called ‘Clickbait’ and this post will sadly be a headline dripping with negativity.”

He also wrote, “Every time I plug my bass into a fuzz box I feel like I’m 15 all over again. #BassPlayers.”

“Maybe I should drop little basslines on here from time to time. Sounds kinda fun actually. Like?”