Roger Waters Reveals Drug ‘Worse Than Heroin’


Iconic former Pink Floyd member Roger Waters recently spoke to the Russia-based news outlet Russia Today in a recent interview to discuss a bunch of topics. Here Waters discusses his thoughts on the opioid crisis and if Britain could be subjected to popular opioid Soma if Prime Minister Boris Johnson opens up ‘big pharma’ to the NHS. Roger Waters announces David Gilmour ‘replacement’ news.

Roger Waters brutally rips terrible David Gilmour songs. Waters told the outlet: You already got it, mate. It’s already rife and they will just legitimize it because opioids and anything else thrives under the fact that there are profits to be made out of selling them. So actually, having a downtrodden, eviscerated working class who has got nothing to do all day is the perfect environment and for selling them soma. If the Sadler’s are allowed to take over the NHS they’ll do exactly the same thing that they did in the United States – and they are now being sued for billows of dollars.

In other news regarding Roger Waters, fans recently took to the Pink Floyd subreddit to react the news of Waters’ latest round of tour dates for the ‘This Is Not A Drill’ tour. Texanfan20 said: “The reason you tour is money! (It’s a crime). I have respect for Roger for his songwriting but he has can be hypocritical at times with a live show that usually has some message around big money/capitalism is bad but he is taking in money with the constant touring. Don’t get me wrong, he can make as much money as he can, just don’t show background videos during the concert bashing big corporations for doing the same thing.”

Roger Waters makes brutal David Gilmour ‘divorce’ claim. While the user later continued: “I love Roger’s music but Roger is a big business just like any corporation. That is why he doesn’t perform free concerts, tickets will be expensive, there will be merchandise for sale at insanely inflated prices. I will pay it but I find it hypocritical especially when you also have corporate sponsors for your tour and lip-sync portions of your show. Compare that to Nick and David who toured small venues during their last tours just for the fun of it and honestly I found the tickets to their last tours very affordable.