Metallica Bassist Makes James Hetfield ‘Young Girl’ Claim


One-time Metallica bassist Ron McGovney gave a glimpse into the evolution of James Hetfield and Metallica by disclosing one what one of Hetfield’s earlier bands – Leather Charm sounded like. In the tweet, which you can view below, McGovney mentions how the band was a metal cover band and sounded a lot like another band from the time – ‘Girl’. James Hetfield ‘rejects’ ex-Metallica bassist reunion.

As McGovney tweeted: “Metallica fans have asked me what James’s band Leather Charm sounded like. We played covers by Maiden, Scorpions, and Quiet Riot. This band called Girl was the closest to what we sounded like. Phil Collen on guitar. We played this song. Hollywood Tease.”

In other news revolving James Hetfield and Metallica, fans recently took to the SteveHoffman forums to discuss which version of Metallica’s classic album they prefer more and why – the original 1986 recording of ‘Master of Puppets’ or the 2017 remastering. Fellow forum user Crimson Jon stated: “I actually enjoy the 2017 [version] more than the 86 [version]. It’s hard to pinpoint but it sounds heavier and thicker without being loud. I think the new remaster of kill em all is really well done but the ride the lightning seems way louder and more shrill sounding. I had to keep adjusting the volume and got ear fatigue. I am really looking forward to the remaster of and Justice For All.” Metallica bassist reacts to James Hetfield ‘quitting’.

Metallica icon leaks horrible James Hetfield ‘relapse’ photo. Whereas music_dude responded: “For what it’s worth, after having owned the original album (cassette version ) when it first came out and then re-acquiring it on cd some 30++ years later after my old copies were lost, I was pleasantly surprised that – The original mastering was still readily available and that Metallica (of all bands) appear not to have succumbed to the loudness wars. The 2017 remaster is exceptionally well done, in my honest opinion. I was half expecting to walk into a brick-walled mess! Thankfully, that didn’t happen.