Rush Icon Neil Peart ‘Goodbye’ Note To Mother Leaks


Rush and Neil Peart insider Donna Halper recently further discussed the death of the acclaimed drummer by responding on Twitter to fans who praised her latest blog post which talked about Peart and where she issued a note of condolence to Peart’s parents. Harper tweeted: “Thank you for the kind words. That was the most difficult blog post I ever had to write. (And I never expected I’d have to write a note of condolence to Neil’s parents either. I can only imagine what they’ve been going through.)” Rush reveal if Neil Peart had ‘final words’ before dying.

In other news regarding Neil Peart and Rush, fans recently took to the prominent Rush message board, TheRushForum to further eulogize Neil Peart. New World Kid said: “As a young teen growing up in the early 2000s, Rush caught my attention for a lot of reasons. I eventually decided to take up the drums because of Rush and, so, Neil specifically.That eventually lead to me trying to make a career out of music for the first half of my twenties. Playing in bands, giving lessons, etc.” Neil Peart ‘refusing’ terminal diagnosis leaked by Rush.

The user continued: “Eventually, the economic realities made me give that up. But I never gave up Rush. And what kept me coming back wasn’t the drumming. It was the lyrics. They always seemed to resonate with me in ways that no other band does. We’re only immortal for a limited time. Neil knew that better than most. He made the most of what he had, and he touched all of us here in some way. Thanks, Neil. ” Neil Peart cancer ‘freak out’ remark to Rush leaks.