Paul McCartney ‘Losing Voice’ At Concert Revealed


Paul McCartney superfan CoffeeFaceMan took to the Beatles subreddit to reveal an allegedly shocking statement. The user claims that during a recent Paul McCartney concert there was a line in one of his programs ‘apologizing’ for the state of Sir Paul’s voice! The user wrote: “Apparently, in Paul McCartney’s ‘One On One’ tour program, there’s something written apologizing for Paul’s voice aging, can anyone with the program post that bit here for us to read? Paul McCartney recently leaks ‘gross’ George Harrison photo.

The user continued: “I adore Paul and I have no issues with his voice even now as he nears 80, but I have wondered for years what his own thoughts on the recent decline of his voice are. If what I’ve read is correct, is anyone with this program willing to write out what is said or take a photo? Thank you!”

Paul McCartney recently caught wearing terrible wig in photo. As of right now, there are no responses to this purported claim. In other news revolving Paul McCartney, fans over on the same subreddit discussed their favorite Paul McCartney songs of the past thirty years. RoastBeefDisease exclaimed: “McCartney 2 is really gonna be 40 next year?!? this means everything from 1989 to now! Honestly, I would check out every album from flowers in the dirt to today. I think Flowers In The Dirt was his most Beatles sounding album since Wings during the 80s. If I had to pick one song- The Lovers That Never Were, but that’s a collab with Elvis Costello, so my 2nd vote goes to I Owe It All To You. My personal opinion is that 90s was peak McCartney and Off The Ground is his best album.”

While another fan chimed in, “All of Flaming Pie. It’s my second favorite McCartney album. If I had to pick one song, it would probably be “Beautiful Night,” but the whole album is fantastic.” Paul McCartney reveals what Howard Stern did to his wife.