Rush Reveal If Neil Peart Had ‘Final Words’ Before Dying


Rush and Neil Peart insider Donna Halper recently responded to a fan who asked not too long ago if Peart kept a journal prior to his death and if such a thing would ever get released. The Twitter user wrote: “Its selfish of me to want this, but I hope he wrote during his battle until he couldn’t anymore. A journal, a running Chronicle of his struggle. But, if he didn’t, I understand.” Neil Peart ‘refusing’ terminal diagnosis leaked by Rush.

To which Halper responded: “I don’t know whether he had the energy to keep a journal. But I do know that claims he couldn’t speak are not accurate. I assume if he wrote anything, it will come out eventually. I don’t think this is the right time for me to ask, however.

In other news regarding Neil Peart and Rush, fans over on prominent Rush message board – TheRushForum to eulogize the fallen drumming icon. Edie said: “On a weekday day off today on my own, so I’ve put on Beyond the Lighted Stage. The section about the Ghost Rider, and the end clip in the restaurant, are especially poignant, seeing the love between the guys. Neil’s lyrics may have been the single biggest philosophical influence on me. I don’t think I had realized.” Rush reveal if Neil Peart was ‘alone’ when he died.

While 9/4 stated: “This loss may take some time for many of us, especially them, to process.  It’s a big loss for the world and made more painful by our knowledge of the tragedy Neil endured two decades ago, his life being cut short, the way in which his life ended, and the wife and young daughter he leaves behind.  But we can take some consolation in knowing that, overall, he lived a good and very impactful life, as reflected by the outpouring of love from around the globe in his passing. Neil Peart cancer ‘freak out’ remark to Rush leaks.