Rush Icon Neil Peart ‘Wet Accident’ Photo Revealed


Rush drummer Neil Peart had a heart of gold, and a touching photo has surfaced of the greatest drummer to ever live accidentally wearing a shirt and getting it wet in the pool! Geddy Lee revealed a ‘shaky’ and skinny Alex Lifeson depiction a few days ago.

TexMike posted on, “This will take time to absorb. Not knowing that he’s even ill to speaking about him in the past tense. Wow. How they managed to keep this out of the public realm for over 3 years is astonishing. He must have told almost no one outside of immediate family.

It’s gut wrenching right now, but I’m trying to think of positives. I’m glad he had a chance to at least enjoy *some* family time finally free from the pressures of being in Rush, although it obviously ended up being FAR too short. I’m guessing the year or so he had before he was diagnosed was one of the happiest of his life.

The other thing I’m grateful for is the large body of incredible work he left behind. We’ll always have it and it will help keep him alive in our hearts.

RIP Neil. You certainly made a mark on this world that will never be forgotten.”

Lerxt1990 said, “Well…. this is a weird one and a first. I was at the gym and could not help noticing a guy on an elliptical with a Snakes and Arrows shirt on. I passed him and looked at his shirt, and didn’t know what to do except put one hand over my heart and point at his shirt. He patted his heart twice and fist bumped me, we smiled then I wanted to cry. Just wow. Thought i’d share this embarrassing moment with you all.” Neil Peart was spotted with a famous female singer in a rare photo uploaded shortly before he died.