Rush Singer Geddy Lee Reacts To Tragic Brain Injury


Iconic Rush frontman Geddy Lee responded to a touching tribute posted by Red Hot Chili Peppers member Flea on Instagram. The acclaimed bassist took to social media to pay his respects to one of his heroes, Jaco Pastorius on his birthday. A Rush singer’s surprising drummer offer revealed: ‘it’s time’.

Pastorius was a legendary jazz bassist who worked with such icons as Joni Mitchell. Pastorius sadly passed away in 1987 at the age of thirty-five due to injuries that he suffered after getting into a fight outside of a South Florida music club. This Rush singer also made a painful John Lennon claim.

Flea wrote: “The most evolutionary revolutionary electric bass player of all time. He gave all us electric bass players something to aspire to. And he did backflips on stage while rocking the shit out of purple haze through an echoplex. God bless his beautiful soul. Happy birthday Jaco, you live forever.”

To which the Rush singer replied: “Amen brother.”

Other fans commented on this somber tribute to the fallen superstar. Matthewdropco wrote: “If we only knew now what we didn’t know then about his condition and struggles. Gone too soon. The legend and music live on forever.” Whereas in_joy_life said: “You have to be a good musician with a great ear to even begin to comprehend how amazing Jaco was. The average listener just can’t get it.” Geddy Lee recently revealed this sad boat accident.