Rush Singer Geddy Lee Spotted With ‘Drinking’ Young Women


Rush frontman Geddy Lee can be seen signing the book of professional Twitch streamer, Bridget Rose. Rose took to social media via Twitter to share her experience. Notice the Starbucks that is she on the desk. Could Geddy of been sharing with a minor?! This Rush singer recently reveals surprising Neil Peart paycheck.

In other news revolving Geddy Lee and Rush fans recently took to social media to reflect upon one of Rush’s landmark albums – Moving Pictures.

One fan stated: “ I bought the Moving Pictures vinyl album when it was originally released (February 1981). Yes, I’m an old guy and many of us sold or traded our original vinyl LPs and replaced them when the CD became available in the mid to late 1980’s. A mistake I have regretted ever since. So now… I’m slowly replacing some of my favorite albums again back to vinyl. Apparently, all things come full circle. I’m sure Rush is loving it though. Let’s see… I bought the cassette tape of Moving Pictures, the vinyl LP, the CD, the remastered CD and now…. the vinyl again. No wonder Alex, Geddy, and Neil all live in mansions while I live in a mobile home!” A Rush member just confirmed a New York ‘comeback.’

The fan continued: “Modern vinyl pressings and packaging is much more heavy-duty than it needs to be these days but nevertheless, I’m impressed with the quality of this new pressing. I won’t be buying too many modern-day vinyl records though as they are causing my mobile home to sink into the dirt because they are too damn heavy. Sorry but 180 g / 200 g vinyl records are ridiculously heavy and not necessary. Vinyl records do not need to be so heavy to get pure sound quality. Record companies are to blame for pushing the heavyweight LP as a perceived value thing so they can charge you more. It’s complete BS though.” Geddy Lee was savagely disrespected by Rush fan at restaurant recently.