Freddie Mercury ‘Swallowed’ After AIDS News


Late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury‘s first new album after getting AIDS was Barcelona, and Freddie Mercury Club recently revealed that Freddie said he felt like he ‘swallowed the canary’ with Montserrat on the album. A ‘gaunt’ Freddie Mercury video was recently revealed.

“With the Barcelona album I had a little bit more freedom and a bit of scope to actually try out some of my crazy ideas. Montserrat kept telling me that she found a new lease of life and a newfound freedom. Those were her own words, and I was very taken by it. She told me on the phone that she loves the way our voices sound together . . . and I was smiling from my ass to my elbow, my dears. I sat at home like I’d just swallowed the canary, thinking, Ooh! There’s a lot of people who’d like to be in my shoes right now.” -Freddie Mercury. Freddie Mercury making a ‘morbid’ death comment was recently detailed.

P.S. I can’t emphasize how much I’m in love with this photo and with Freddie’s most beautiful wholesome life giving smile/laugh (The photo is so alive that I can actually hear him laugh).

I especially chose that quote with Freddie saying how proud and happy he felt having heard how much Montsy loved their voices together that he was smiling “from ass to elbow”…I think it perfectly fits the mood of this photo 😍

Freddie & Montsy at the Barcelona album photoshoot by Terry O’Neil 1988 (from the Never Boring boxset). Freddie Mercury was filmed flirting with a surprising man in recently unearthed footage.