Sammy Hagar Details ‘Last Show’ With David Lee Roth


Sammy Hagar recently discussed his last public appearance with fellow former Van Halen singer David Lee Roth as their ‘Sam and Dave’ tour concluded. Hagar reacted to a brutal David Lee Roth photo last week.

Hagar wrote, “#Throwback to the 2003 MTV Music Awards – the end of the Sam and Dave Tour. Looking back it was actually a fun tour loaded with drama. #TBT #SamAndDave #BigTimeWrestling #ItsOnlyRockNRollButILikeIt #MoreFunThanAFrogInAGlassOfMilk.”

A fan asked, “Is Dave taller than you or is he wearing high hills? 🤭🤣” Hagar responded, “Haha he was a different size every time I saw him🧐😂.”

Another fan commented, “Sorry Sam but I’ve been a fan since VH 1 and although those Dave albums were great, after you joined VH I heard what the music could be with real contributions to the creation of VH music. I only listen to Sammy Hagar Van Halen.” Hagar reacted with a glasses cheering emoji.

One fan said, “Had a great time at that concert. Sammy grade A, US prime as always.” Hagar wrote back, “Good enough🥂.”

A clever fan asked the Red Rocker, “Your hashtags, did Dave write them? :p” Hagar shot back, “Actually the frog in milk is a Bob Weir quote 🥂.” Hagar texted Roth after Eddie Van Halen died.