Motley Crue Icon ‘Victims’ Revealed In Sad Photo


Motley Crue wants you to know who true ‘victims’ are! Taking to social media via Instagram to put out the following picture. The following is of a mock demonstration in which three dissenters are protesting in which they are claiming to be “The Victims of Rock and that “The Victims Are Not Being Heard”. Nikki Sixx leaked this disgusting Motley Crue dressing room photo recently. This still, which is obviously meant to be taken from the time-period of the 1980s is from the hit Motley Crue documentary – “The Dirt”, which would can view on Netflix today.  A Motley Crue legend revealed this crazy Vince Neil alcohol photo a couple of days ago. You can view the still photo below. Are you a “A Victim of Rock? More specifically the music of Motley Crue? sound off in the comments!  A Motley Crue icon hotel disrespect was recently revealed.

In other news regarding Motley Crue, fans took to social media via the official Facebook of the group to praise the news that the band is in consideration to join the hollowed halls of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. 

Sergio stated: “It’s great news in terms of the recognition of the Crüe’s legacy, but in my opinion as a Mötley Crüe fan for the last 30 years the band and their music doesn’t need approval from any fucking institution and that includes the RHOF because by their own they reinvented the genre in their own terms against all odds and their legacy will prevail for ever!!! Long live the Crüe!!!”

Jay put: “The powers that be at the rock hall are so out of touch with all things Rock ‘N Roll and with conflicting reports from the board of suits,does the fan choice even matter ?? If I had the cash I’d start my own rock hall that was ran by the fans and the bands themselves.This way it would actually mean something simply by being recognized by peers and people whom actually buy the records and love the music.”

Bill said: “I loves me some old school Crue, but sorry Crue isn’t even in the same League as Iron Maiden. Have no idea who B-182 is.. If I had to pick any of them to listen to for the rest of my life without hearing the other, Iron Maiden hands down, please and thank you.”