Sammy Hagar Reacts To Eddie Van Halen ‘Death Bed’ Rumor


Sammy Hagar reached out to Eddie Van Halen on Sunday on his 65th birthday, after bad rumors that he was on his death bed were shot down by big names like Howard Stern. Hagar seemed to respond to report on how Eddie Van Halen is doing after reportedly getting throat cancer, by mentioning his health. Hagar also recently used a detective eyeglass emoji when asked if he had heard if Eddie was okay following cancer rumors.

“Happy birthday Eddie Van Halen. I hope you’re healthy and happy. I love this picture of us rockin’ out.”

A fan named Karen responded, “When I saw that it was Eddie’s birthday, I thought about your birthday wishes to him a few years ago. It was, and is a very dear gesture….You live with your heart on your sleeve. And you’re so loved for that.”

Brian commented, “Hope you all can reunite one more time. I remember being close enough at the Nutter Center in Dayton to read ‘Kramer’ on Eddie’s guitar.”

VoodooMojo added, “Classy move Sammy! I’m also hoping Eddie is happy and most importantly healthy. Thanks to both of you guys for the decades of GREAT music. God bless!”

ERS told Hagar, “Van Hagar 5150 is one of VHs and Your greatest works…..added to Standing Hampton for you, and several for them.”

I Coulda Hada VH said on, “Happy Birthday to King Edward, the Czar of Rock & Roll Guitar and the real G.O.A.T. Ever since I first heard your amazing talent back in 1978, you have always been The One. Often imitated, never duplicated …”

JustDave wrote, “HAPPY 65th BIRTHDAY to EDDIE VAN HALEN! You influenced generations of guitarists and although many have come after you, no one can take your place. Stay strong, be well as we await your next move. ALL HAIL KING EDWARD!”

EdwardV chimed in, “Wolf…..tell your old man happy birthday since we all know he never uses computers. Lets hope he gets some Janie tonight!” Sammy Hagar revealed if Eddie Van Halen is ‘really sick’ a few months ago.