Sammy Hagar Drops Heartbreaking Alex Van Halen Bombshell


Former Van Halen singer Sammy Hagar was told that he should recruit Alex Van Halen for a “5150′ performance, and it drove him to tears laughing in a new social media comment. Sammy Hagar just revealed why Eddie Van Halen is ‘done.’

Hagar first said, “Check my buddy Tre cool’s odometer #harleydavidson #5150 #coincidence.” Miamistadium commented, “Oh shit, where’s the Reverend Al when ya need him?!?” Hagar responded, “@miamistadium 😂😂.”

Ducati_sp_bill chimed in, “Ugh. You don’t have to wait 20 years for a Harley to become an antique. BECAUSE THEY ALREADY ARE ONE.” Hagar responded, “@ducati_sp_bill whooh easy bra!!!😂”

brianintheburg said, “I wonder if that song will ever be performed alive again. My favorite VH song!” Hagar shot back, “@brianintheburg The circle will do it.”

Hagar also said, “My favorite part of the Christmas holiday season is getting to be with your family members gathering around a great meal! My big brother Bob and our two Older sisters Velma. and Bobbi. Once were the kids now were the elders it’s a beautiful thing #familytradition #holidays #brothersandsisters #howthetimeflies.”

A fan named lmapickypicker commented, “I am the youngest of eight. There is a big age gap between them and me. It was more like growing up with a bunch of doting parents. I love them all. Unfortunately, I have lost four of them.

My favorite brother passed away in October and I am still grieving. I love seeing you and your family. Be sure to love and appreciate each other every day because life can sneak up on you. Love you Sammy. I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a very happy new year! 💚❤️💚❤️💚.” Hagar told the fan, “Thank you.” Sammy Hagar revealed a painful Eddie Van Halen video last week.