Sammy Hagar Announces ‘Last’ Eddie Van Halen Show


Former Van Halen singer Sammy Hagar recently revealed to ABC 7 that if he was hypothetically told he could only perform one more show, he would want to reunite with Eddie Van Halen. Alternative Nation transcribed Hagar’s comments. Sammy Hagar dropped a heartbreaking Alex Van Halen bombshell last month.

The interviewer asked if Hagar would love to patch things up with Eddie Van Halen, even if they never play together again.

Hagar responded, “100%. I have two ways to put it. If I never played another note together with them as long as I live, I don’t want any one of us to go to our grave and say, ‘Damn, now we can’t patch that up.’ I don’t want to take nothing to my grave, no enemies going with me to my grave if I can help it. If they force it, I’ve reached out many times, and I get no response for some reason.

But it’s okay, I can deal with it, as long as I’m not carrying any grudges. But if I had one show, one show and one left, no more, that’s it, I would ask Eddie, Alex, and Michael Anthony to do it. I would rather do one more Van Halen show. Even more than what I’m doing with The Circle, my favorite band I’ve ever been in, because we play my whole career and we play it really good, a phenomenal band.

But I would rather just do one show, if I said I’m never going to do anything [again], we’ve got to do it for the fans, it was the biggest part of my career and my whole life. So you would want to take the biggest thing and please the most people, and have it be the most rewarding for yourself. Like, ‘Wow, we got that done.’” Van Halen’s other singer, David Lee Roth, reportedly just fired his drummer.