Samuel L. Jackson Reveals ‘Racist’ Joe Rogan Remark


Joe Rogan has landed himself in hot water throughout his long career of his after first turning on the podcast mic. While Rogan wasn’t always so far front and center with the world; he has transitioned himself from a Fear Factor host into a household name with the ‘Joe Rogan Experience podcast. The show has amassed millions of viewers and it keeps growing weekly. The show has touched on topics from the diet, health, the virus, and much more. Recently, Rogan was called out by Neil Young for his views on the virus as Rogan had people on the show who didn’t question his stance but rather joined his stance.

This made Neil Young and others very mad which saw Neil demand his work be pulled from Spotify if they didn’t pull Joe Rogan. Young’s music was pulled. Now, after some digging, people have found an episode of the ‘Joe Rogan Experience’ where he states a racial slur. The episode and clip have made the rounds rather quickly and then would end up taken down seemingly out of nowhere. Ex-fans have weighed in on the use of the word by Joe as well as current fans have who are defending Joe’s stance and apology.

Actors have started to tell their feelings about the topic as Samuel L Jackson recently spoke on what he thinks of the situation. Jackson has played in many roles which saw some explicit use of such language, but Jackson has stated that there is a difference between Hollywood and real life.

Jackson stated:“He is saying nobody understood the context when he said it, but he shouldn’t have said it. It’s not the context, dude – it’s that he was comfortable doing it. Say you’re sorry because you want to keep your money, but you were having fun and you say you did it because it was entertaining.” As Jackson rolled his eyes.