Pearl Jam & Foo Fighters Teaming Up In 2022?


The fans would love to hear the fact that there could be a big rock star high-five crossover shortly. Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl recently revealed that Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder loves the “Pearl Jam high-five” running gag in the Foo Fighters’ new film Studio 666. It was noted how the band suffered embarrassing ticket sales.

It has been noted that the movie features all six Foos as semi-fictional versions of themselves who must battle against an evil force, which escapes from the basement of the secluded California home to which they decamp to record a new album.

A running gag has the band perform the “Pearl Jam high-five”, in which they high-five each other with great enthusiasm in a whole-band gesture similar to the album art for Pearl Jam’s 1991 debut album ‘Ten’.

Dave Grohl reveals how Eddie Vedder loves the gesture; a rock star high-five crossover is being speculated

Grohl recently spoke to Yahoo Entertainment UK and revealed that Vedder is a big fan of the gesture and has even adopted it for himself.

He said: “I got a text today from [Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins]. Eddie Vedder loves the Pearl Jam high-five and he’s starting to Pearl Jam high-five other people.”

Grohl’s bandmate and co-star in the movie, Nate Mendel added that they have now “got to do one with him.”. He reckoned that there could be a big rock star high-five crossover shortly.

The film is the Foo Fighters’ first narrative feature and Grohl during the conversation admitted that he and his bandmates “never imagined making a film”.

He added: “It was never our intention to be sitting here talking about a f***ing horror movie that’s in theatres all over the world. But it just happened. That’s very Foo Fighters-esque and starts with an idea like this and then… snowball.”

Studio 666 was released exclusively in cinemas on 25 February.