Billy Corgan Reacts To Horrible Jerry Cantrell Injury


Alice In Chains singer/guitarist Jerry Cantrell confirmed that his cat jumped on his face, leading to a cut that made him bleed. He wrote a post and shared a photo on his Instagram, with Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan sending his support by liking the photo. Billy Corgan revealed why he’s ‘done’ with D’arcy Wretzky in The Smashing Pumpkins a few days ago.

Cantrell wrote, “Cat Scratch Fever. I’d been working on a tune all day and was pretty beat. I layed down on the couch to watch some tube before bed. Dealy came hauling ass across the room and jumped on me to launch onto the cat tree . Usually he does it off my chest… He missed his mark a tad I’d say . Ouch!”

Eddie Vedder joining Alice In Chains at a massive show was revealed a week ago. Cantrell wrote about Alice In Chains wrapping up their North American tour a couple of weeks ago, “My Aunt Dorothy, Uncle Kenny and a whole bunch of my cousins, extended family and friends came out to celebrate the last show in Seattle on Friday. What an amazing and fulfilling ride finding our way up and out of the Rainier Fog. Thank you to all of our hometown peeps , a fitting way to close this chapter in the book of AIC at the WaMu Theater . Look forward to some time off now, see y’all down the road.”

He wrote a few days ago, “Football Sunday with the Dealy and Teddi …aka the rats . Seahawks and the Steelers both got a win. Lost a nail biter to Jeff Garlin due to Michael Thomas’ last catch in the AICFFL. Aagghhh!!! But won in Michael Fabiano’s league so I’m 2-2 in both , can’t complain . Nice chill weekend.” Alice In Chains recently revealed if they’re worse after the Layne Staley era.