Scott Weiland Movie Trailer Released With Family


A new Scott Weiland documentary film about the life of the late Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver singer is coming 5 years after the iconic rocker’s death. Scott’s daughter paid tribute on the 5-year anniversary. The first trailer for ‘Into the Mind of Weiland’ has been released, and it features Scott’s widow Jamie Weiland, mother Sharon Weiland, and stepfather David Weiland giving their first ever on camera interviews. Rory Karpf is the director for the project.

The documentary features unseen footage of Scott, and video of his notebooks that have never been released. There is a major emphasis in the trailer about Scott’s struggles with mental health issues, and Jamie mentions how Scott was raped as a child. Alternative Nation transcribed quotes.

Jamie Weiland: What people don’t talk about is, he was sick. He was sick.

Jamie: Scott on his meds, was present, kind, thoughtful. When he would go off his meds, it was just a whirlwind of disaster. His meds made him feel numb. When you’re an artist, you don’t want to feel numb. He wanted to be in touch with his angst and his pain.

Jamie: In the 90’s, Scott didn’t have that awareness, there was nothing he could do, other than try to maintain.

Sharon Weiland: He appeared to be tortured, and it was so heartbreaking.

David Weiland: He did have deep paranoias. He had this feeling that some organization was out to get him.

Jamie: My nose would be itching, but I knew not to do that, because if I did that, he would be like, ‘Who are you signaling?’

Jamie: People insinuated I should leave him because he was mentally ill. If I told you that my husband had cancer, would you say, ‘Oh, he has cancer. Get rid of him.’ It’s the same thing. It’s not like you wake up one day and want to act crazy or paranoid, and hurt people around you that you love, or hurt yourself.

Sharon: I just raised what I thought was a regular kid. I don’t know what happened.

Jamie: His childhood was pretty idealic. But, Scott’s neighbor raped him.

Jamie: I thought our love for each other was going to fix everything.

Sharon: I don’t want him to be remembered as a drug addict, because he was so much more than that.

Front Row Films wrote on YouTube, “Trailer for documentary on the life of musician Scott Weiland and his lifelong struggle with mental illness. First Row Films and filmmaker Rory Karpf are currently trying to make the film but have faced some obstacles by others. If you’d like to see this version of Scott’s story get made into a film, please like and share. Thank you!!!” Scott Weiland’s son just gave his first interview.