Scott Weiland’s Son Noah Says He’s Not A Nepo Baby


There have been talks of ‘nepo baby’ within the entertainment industry. Stone Temple Pilot vocalist Scott Weiland’s son Noah recently posted on Instagram to let everyone know that he isn’t a ‘nepo baby.’ The singer gave a glimpse of what his last two years have been like by explaining:

“Life works in crazy ways. The last two years of my life has been the most exhausting, heartbreaking, confusing times I’ve ever experienced… I battled every day whether I was fighting to stay sober, keeping a dead relationship alive, cutting off fake f*ck ass people, struggling to make money or even have a place to sleep at night.”

The singer opened up about his difficulties, saying that he is far from being a ‘nepo baby.’ He added:

“It’s insane cause a lot of you think I’m a nepo baby, when the reality of things is the majority of the last two years I had $0 and homeless if it wasn’t for rehab.

Noah stated that he was doing much better by sharing new milestones in his life. He added:

“Nowadays I don’t have to fight anymore. I can have fun nights with my friends and not take things to extremes. I have a job in Texas. I’m making huge things happen for my career (which I can’t wait to show y’all). My relationships with my loved ones are better. I’m happy and not angry 24/7. I help others in the journey of recovery. It’s the longest I’ve ever been clean of my kryptonite.”

However, going back to the ‘nepo baby’ discussion, while Noah doesn’t think he is one, there have been other famous kids who have shared their take on the debate.

Meanwhile, Bono’s daughter Eve Hewson talked about her experiences as a child of a famous singer. But instead of taking the term too seriously she made fun of it by sharing her ‘sadness’ over not being able to find a spot in the list of nepo babies.