Paul McCartney Calls Out Big Name Ripoff: ‘That’s A Cheat’


The Beatles icon Paul McCartney revealed how he felt ripped off after he bought an album believing it was a new Little Richard record, but it was in fact Buck Ram Orchestra album with Little Richard featured on one song. Paul McCartney recently dropped a The Police reunion bombshell.

McCartney told his official website social media team, “I mean many people may not know this, but I love to give value for money. That was sort of what George Martin always used to say and talk about: it’s good value for money. That sort of hit a nerve with us because we remembered, particularly when we were first recording in Abbey Road. We remembered recently having been the people who had bought the records, not made them. And if you ever got cheated, you hated the artist or the label.

I once bought a record by Little Richard and I thought, ‘Wow! A new record by Little Richard!’ And I got it home… and it was actually by the Buck Ram Orchestra! And in one of the tracks Little Richard was a guest. Through the whole album was this other stuff I didn’t want to listen to. And just this one little thing, so I thought, ‘God, that’s a real cheat.'”

Ringo Starr sadly leaving a Paul McCartney show early was recently revealed. McCartney said he and his band still improvise at soundcheck.

“Yeah, we do! We’ve got millions of them! And fortunately, there’s a guy in our team called Jamie, who logs them. And he tells me we’ve actually got thousands! Some of them are really good and occasionally I’ll pick one out and work on it. For ‘Egypt Station’, I picked one out, though we didn’t finish it. I picked one out and we’re kind of making a track around this riff from the soundcheck jam. ‘Cause it was like, ‘That was a good little riff!’ But because they’re improvised they’re instant and then they’re gone.”