Screaming Trees Drop Reunion Tour Bombshell


Former Screaming Trees guitarist Gary Lee Conner revealed in a new Kerrang interview that the Trees came close to reuniting a few years ago, but talks with Mark Lanegan ultimately did not lead to the tour taking place.

Conner said, ““In the times we got together after we made Dust it seemed, to me, that we’d reconciled. I talked to him in 2012-13, when we’d thought about getting back together to do shows around the time The Lost Words came out. He called me after we ultimately decided not to do it and we talked for half an hour about what we were doing, life-wise. It was a nice conversation. After he broke the band up he kept calling me wanting to record, but I guess that’s when he hooked up with Queens Of The Stone Age.”

Lanegan and the Conner brothers have had tension on social media recently regarding Lanegan’s statements in his book criticizing their behavior, but Gary Lee is open to speaking to Lanegan again.

“I’d like to talk to him. I’ve spent a huge amount of my life worrying about Lanegan getting mad or what he’d think about something, and this dredges all that up. Even though, psychologically, I’ve got that in the back of my head, I’ve got over it pretty much. I really question what his motives were the whole time, though. Did he just use us to get famous? I thought it was about making great music.”