Elton John Reveals What Bono Did To His Son


Music legend Elton John recently gave some high praise towards Bono’s oldest son. During a promotional tour of his new highly successful book, Me Elton was interviewed by British GQ Magazine and during the interview couldn’t help but sing the praises of the U2 frontman’s eldest. Elton told the outlet: “Bono’s son is in a band called Inhaler from Dublin and they’re f***ing amazing. And his son said, Please don’t tell the record company you’re my dad.” Bono obliged the request. John Lennon spending ‘night’ with Elton John revealed last month.

The reviews are in for Elton Johns’s first and only autobiography ‘Me’ and fans are thrilled over the work. As one reviewer exclaimed via Amazon. “I thought I knew all the stories. I’m pretty sure I knew all the songs. But this book has been a revelation. It’s a little bit funny without being snide, and insightful without being maudlin. The work of a classy man who can look back on his life and laugh. The only element that I feel was lacking was a real analysis of the songs. He often brushes over an album with a breezy paragraph or two, whereas that’s my main connection with Elton–his albums. Nevertheless, it is a very enjoyable read, or listen, if you are doing the Audible version. And then if I need insightful musical analysis I can turn to His Song, by Liz Rosenthal.” Elton John shared this ‘gross’ kiss with Eddie Vedder back in October.

Another reviewer stated: “This is Elton John’s only first hand autobiography, and it is astounding. Elton pulls no punches throughout, delving into accounts of depression and suicide attempts, drug addiction, break-ups and even his cancer diagnosis, but the book does not look to the audience for sympathy. It’s just Elton, straight up. His voice is warm and genial, but he makes clear that he is an imperfect person on so many levels, but that he has persevered regardless. An absolute must for any fan of Elton, or anyone who loves rock biographies.” Ozzy Osbourne reacts to this tragic Elton John news late last month.