Silverchair’s Daniel Johns Taking Off Clothes In Lipstick And Collapsing Drunk Will Shock You


Last month, former Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns was seen partying with Joshua Mullane at Mrs. Sippy in Sydney’s affluent Double Bay. Johns wore lipstick, stripped off his shirt, and later collapsed after drinking. See the photos below from










Former Silverchair drummer Ben Gillies has told The Herald that he would like to see Silverchair reunite to ‘bookend’ their career.

“It always comes back to the music,” he says in a stream-of-consciousness thought bubble. “All the other stuff melts away.

“For me, if Silverchair did nothing and never went anywhere, the way I feel about music would still be the same. I would still have to satisfy those musical urges.”

“Silverchair is a very large part of what I’ve done with my time on the big rolling ball, but, I guess, music becomes you. The magic of a band is the collective of the people in that band. Outside of that band, be it Silverchair or whoever, you have your own personal relationship with music. However you satisfy it, you find your own way.”

“To me, it’s the same stuff – writing recording and playing. It’s pretty simple really.”

Would he get a new buzz out of a Silverchair reunion?

“If Silverchair is doing something again, that would be great, but…. if or when that happens, I don’t know . . .

“To me where the band was left, it was like there was no bookend. Kind of like, I felt we were midway through chapter 8 of a 12-chapter book and then we stopped writing.

“It was a hard one for me. When we went into indefinite hiatus, it was a fancy way of saying, ‘we’ll play some more music if we like it.’ ”

He also added that Silverchair was ‘like a drug.’

“I love Silverchair. I love Dan and Chris.

“We’ve had an extraordinary experience. The only people who could possibly know are the three of us.”

“When we play together, there is an undeniable magic.

“I do miss it, of course I do. It’s like a drug that has no side effect.”