Simon Cowell Takes Vicious Shot At Slipknot


American Idol and The X-Factor icon Simon Cowell has taken a vicious shot at Slipknot and Corey Taylor after their new album ‘We Are Not Your Kind’ hit No. 1 in the United Kingdom. Corey Taylor recently revealed the bold truth about Mick Jagger.

He told the Sun, “You all know I’m a pop guy – I mean, I’ve made millions from One Direction, Little Mix, Olly Murs, and so on. So I wasn’t impressed Ed Sheeran – one of my faves but not a money-spinner for moi, annoyingly – has been knocked off the No. 1 album spot by some weirdo masked group called Slipknot. Hideous. We Are Not Your Kind is their first No. 1 record in 18 years. I wonder if they’ll do X Factor All Stars next year. With a snappy dance routine and a makeover, they might have a future.”

Corey Taylor responded on Twitter, “Hahaha he’s still pissed I threw a ‘Hi Simon’ into the end of ‘X-M@$’ 😜.”

He told another fan, “HAHAHAHA well Beez, it’s obvious we’re not THEIR kind… yet 😜”

A new Slipknot member ‘Tortilla Man’ lie was recently called out by a girlfriend. Taylor also wrote, “’Don’t speak your mind.’ ‘Are you even relevant anymore?’ ‘All you do is scream in a mask.’ ‘You made this band too soft.’

#1 album in several countries & counting. Thank you to the Maggots worldwide.
And don’t listen to ANY voices but your OWN. It’s the only one that matters.”