Slash Asked About New Guns N’ Roses Song “Atlas Shrugged”


In a new Reddit AMA, Slash was asked about the new Guns N’ Roses song “Atlas Shrugged” that Axl Rose wrote during the Chinese Democracy era, and has been rumored as a song Slash could play on. Slash dodged the question.

zosorose asked:

“Hey dude I know you had a lot of snakes. Are you into lizards too? Ever have a monitor?

Also what do you think of high end amp modelers like Axe FX and Helix? Ever try one?

Ever hear Atlas Shrugged?”

Slash answered:

“Yes I like reptiles in general even though I know I am known for keeping snakes but I did have a monitor and frilled lizards, bearded dragons, you name it.”

trymybestguitarist asked:

“How long will it take you to create the set list for the UK stretch of the tour?”

Slash answered:

“It takes a second. There is sort of a process you pick a bunch of songs you want to play and some which might be deeper cuts that you want to play. You start to look at the dynamics at the start, middle and end of the show. It’s something I have been doing for years. We made some changes just last night to the set list we had from the start of the tour. It is something that once you put your mind to it is not that hard.”

Aah66 asked:

“How much time on average goes into writing a guitar solo?”

Slash answered:

“I don’t even like to use the term writing when it comes to guitar solo. 9/10 times they are spontaneous and when you play it the first time it plays off the cuff in the context of a song. Very rarely do you sit down and write something. I think the intro to Anastasia is more of an example of something that is written and even then that come out of an improvisational thing. Usually it is just a very spontaneous thing and in pre-production you start to play it with the melodies and becomes a part of the melodic structure. By the time you get to record the solo it has a structure and melodic direction that just sort of comes to you when you play that section of the song. You don’t really just sit down and write it at least for me.”