Slash Attacked By Guns N’ Roses Fan In Video


Slash Tells Apple Music What He Thinks About The Current State of Rock…

I don’t know about the whole rock star bit. I’ve never really… I mean, I totally get it because as a kid growing up, I mean that was during the period when rock stars were rock stars and it’s changed a lot over the years. So I couldn’t say anything about the actual term rockstar. But as far as music is concerned, there’s definitely a ground swell of young bands that are doing it for all the right reason. It’s very raw. It’s very much influenced by the old style of doing things, believe it or not, because technology ring king for so long in that everybody was using a lot of the new sort of technological breakthroughs as major crushes. But now I think kids have discovered sort of the old school way of just getting together and playing and having a good time doing it. And there’s a lot of bands out there, and they’re not in the mainstream so not everybody’s really hip to the fact that there is this massive movement going on but it’s definitely there. So that’s exciting.

Slash Tells Apple Music About Releasing ‘4’ in Spatial Audio and His Thoughts on The Technology…

Well, Atmos is what it’s called, and it is a whole different sort of level of mixing really when it comes down to it because you have… I don’t know if people understand exactly how it all works, but you have basically a surround sound thing where you have instruments in different places in the stratosphere that you’re listening to it from, so it does allow you to be able to put things in different places and be able to give it a certain kind of spacious quality. So it’s a really interesting approach, especially… I mean, for rock bands is one thing, but if you’re doing a multi instrumental thing with a lot of different instruments and a lot of different, like a soundscape, you can do amazing stuff with that.and the guy’s standing in this space, and it really sort of spreads everything out. It’s pretty cool. I dig it.I mean, this is the kind of technology that they’ve been trying to do, trying to perfect for a long time and now they’ve finally done it. So yeah, every record you want to be able to have that option to be able to do that.