Slash Breaks Silence On Fired Guns N’ Roses Bandmate


Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash doesn’t frequently talk about his former bandmate Matt Sorum, who Axl Rose fired in 1997, but he sent a touching message to his former bandmate on his birthday on Tuesday. Slash recently bought a ridiculous car for his son.

Slash said, “Happy Birthday #MattSorum ! iiii]; )'” Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan also wrote, “Happy Birthday @mattsorum!!!”

Guns N’ Roses manager Fernando Lebeis hinted at big 2020 tour plans in a new Facebook post, writing, “It’s been a great last few years, now a quick breather before we start this up again. We have only begun to scratch the surface.”

Axl Rose was mocked by a famous actor for suffering a brutal fall at a recent show. Tom-Ass posted about setlists on, “Again.. The setlists are fine.. They gradually change as the months go on. When they return to a city the next time around there have always been a handful of songs that weren’t played the previous time they were there.. They have a few rotating slots. They do more than 90% of the bands out there to keep it fresh. That is a fact. The encores are mixed up. They busted out a handful of songs we never would have thought they would play. Sure they could shuffle the order a bit but people’s expectations are way to fucking high.. Metallica basically tours with two alternate setlists and rotate them from show to show with maybe one additional flex song per night.

The band doesn’t do everything right but to bitch about the setlists is just crazy considering they make more changes than most bands out there. Most bands play the exact same set every night for entire tours and then maybe only change 1 or 2 songs the next time they tour..”

Nicklord responded, “Found some random biggest tours list from a recent year so I’ll take only rock bands and artists and how many different songs they did. Some of those are solos but it’s not the point to be exact but to paint a picture. So basically only Iron Maiden is worse who don’t change their set at all but they do have a huge production

Metallica 71 in 149 shows. GnR 46 in 175 shows. RHCP more than 100 in 143 shows. Pearl Jam around 150 in only 26 shows. U2 46 in 67 shows. Bruce Springsteen around 140 in 78 shows. Coldplay around 80 in 112 shows (around 50 songs if we exclude a cover they do for every country). The Rolling Stones 45 in 19 shows. Paul McCartney 80 in 52 shows. Iron Maiden 15 in 72 shows.” Green Day’s singer was photographed drinking with a Guns N’ Roses member earlier this week.