Slash Takes Brutal Shot At Guns N’ Roses Replacement


Former Guns N’ Roses drummer Matt Sorum recently revealed a photo from his Velvet Revolver days where Slash poked some fun at Buckethead, while Scott Weiland dressed up as Axl Rose. Sorum wrote, “#tbt Happy Halloween 2004 Velvet Revolver took the stage on Halloween in Little Rock , Ark.” A Guns N’ Roses member leaked an unseen Izzy Stradlin reunion photo yesterday.

Nick Perri commented, “I believe Silvertide opened this show. Amazing moment in time.” Sorum responded, “That’s right my brother.”

Another Slash replacement, DJ Ashba, recently posted a 2014 photo with Axl Rose to promote his upcoming album. He wrote, “Just finished song #22 lots of goods coming your way.” RussTCB responded on, “Wow, what a desperate move for attention….”

Slash broke his silence on a fired Guns N’ Roses bandmate earlier this week. Cineater responded, “I want to go with personal promotion but it’s a possibility he will be on this album. It’s not like they haven’t teased us with surprises from the studio before. Remember that silhouette pic? My, I’m probably wrong based on what we know, guess was Steven Adler and at the time he was in rehearsals with GNR. Who would have thought?

I’m thinking we could see guest appearances on some songs from former members or those folks who are not part of the touring band. I don’t think there’s been a pic of DJ singing with Axl since he left the band so you wouldn’t get an updated one if they are fucking with us.

Just saying, don’t rule this out, it’s a possibility. You can have the best argued, thought out, think you discussion and still be wrong. I wouldn’t have went with Steven back then but they did.”

RussTSB shot back, “I get what you’re saying, but whether or not DJ has anything to do with the next GNR album is beside the point here.

When DJ says ‘#22 finished…’ or whatever, he’s absolutely NOT talking about GNR. He only attached the pic of Axl for attention so people wonder if he’s talking about GNR.” Slash getting a ridiculous car was revealed in photos a few days ago.