Slash Furious At Guns N’ Roses Fan Caught Filming Him


Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash didn’t have the best evening on Thursday night, as he and girlfriend Meegan Hodges stepped in someone’s vomit, and Slash also was angry at fans for following and filming him. Slash may have leaked the first new Guns N’ Roses album rehearsal photo yesterday.

Hodges wrote about the incident, “We just stepped in someone’s vomit.” thedevonjohnson responded, “He couldn’t look more pissed ❤️😂.” Hodges responded, “@thedevonjohnson it was gross.”

She added, “@thedevonjohnson oh that’s because people were following is with camera and video taping us. And then there’s the someone’s vomit.”

Late Warrant singer Jani Lane’s former wife Bobbie Jean Brown recently discussed how Jani helped lift Steven Tyler’s spirits after he was fired from Guns N’ Roses on the Appetite for Distortion podcast. Unheard Guns N’ Roses material recently surfaced after a ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ new song rumor.

“Then when I met Jani, we started dating, I go out of town to do a booking, he moves me out of my apartment and into his house and when I got back I was like, “What? That’s so crazy.” And that was around the time Steven (Adler) was fired (from Guns N’ Roses). And Traci was really good friends with him and she was like, ‘Steven’s so sad,’ and then Jani took Steven on a show with him, and he pulled him up and played drums.

And he would have dinner with us, because Jani was a really good cook and he loved to have like cook-overs and Steven would come over now and then. And so yeah, we all kind of intermingled throughout the years and we are still friends. I ran into Steven a few years back and he’s like, ‘Bobbie! Hi!’ you know? So there’s no bad blood between any of us I’m aware of. I just talked to Meegan the other day.” A Guns N’ Roses icon recently revealed when Axl Rose started ‘dictating’ to the band.

Listen to “Bobbie Jean Brown talks Jani Lane, GNR, and New Book | Ep. 141” on Spreaker.