Guns N’ Roses New Song Leaks After Terminator Rumor


The unreleased Guns N’ Roses song “Atlas Shrugged” finally leaked after 20 years earlier this week. The track is from the Chinese Democracy era and was recorded around 1999 or 2000, and it features Queen guitarist Brian May on lead guitar. Fans have speculated that songs like “Atlas Shrugged” could be reworked with Slash and Duff McKagan on a new Guns N’ Roses album. Axl Rose reportedly inviting famous girls onto his private jet was revealed earlier this week.

This is just days after rumors that Guns N’ Roses will release a new song on the ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ soundtrack surfaced on Guns Over Oz, with talk that members of the band were shown an early screening 28 years after they contributed to ‘Terminator 2: Judgement Day.’

MisterID wrote on the forums about the song, “That’s a crazy little song and nothing like Catcher. Someone mentioned Yesterdays, and yeah, I can hear that in places. I think it’s like really funny, but Hardschool and this… They Were made for Duff and Slash. I’d love to see what they could do with it. Anyone expecting something epic will be disappointed.”

A bad Axl Rose AC/DC claim was made by Brian Johnson’s big name friend a few days ago. MisterID added, “The more I listen to it the more I like it. It’s pretty unconventional, but still classic guns. These two last songs would have been a perfect follow up to UYI back in 95. And I’ll bet that’s where they were first conceived. There’s a grungy, Jane’s Addiction feel to them. And I can’t help but think HS is about Izzy.”

“Whoever the guy was (Tom Z?) who compared it to November Rain meets 70s glam era Bowie was full of shit, and probably entirely based on that four second intro. That’s enough to get anyone’s hopes sky high. This is a smooth little diddy with the weirdness of the Garden-meets-Yesterdays with a little Jane Says and Mad Season vibe to it.”

Bucketlash96 said, “I believe that the songs that did not enter the Chinese Democracy were for good reason, Axl analyzed for a long time what songs to include in the album. So everything that is filtered and filtered will be small models for nothing successful but they could have been good if they had been given more work. Atlas sounds like a future great ballad but for the moment they were just putting together the puzzle.” A Guns N’ Roses member revealed who fired Axl Rose recently.