Slash Girlfriend Leaks Dave Grohl Backside Photo


Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash‘s girlfriend Meegan Hodges has posted a new photo of Slash and Dave Grohl from a backside view to celebrate Grohl’s 51st birthday. Rage Against The Machine unloaded on Dave Grohl disrespect last week.

Meegan wrote, “Happy Birthday Dave Grohl! #italyjune2018 #firenzerocks #slash #davegrohl #foofighters #gnfnr.”

Guns N’ Roses guitarist Richard Fortus recently said that he hopes GNR will release a new album in 2020. GnRChris posted on, “At this point, a surprise single wouldn’t suffice for me. Especially if it’s “Hardschool.” Love the song, but if I waited 12 years for a new GNR track only to get one that leaked a few months ago, I’ll be salty. Sorry, I need a surprise ALBUM drop. ‘Cause otherwise, even if they announce a release date, I’d worry it wouldn’t come to fruition. I just wanna be on my phone one night and see GNR trending on Twitter for a surprise record that just dropped at midnight. *boom*

At that point, I don’t mind if some leaks are reworked for the album. Actually, I want them to be. I love “Atlas” and “Perhaps.” But I want 12-14 songs on a new record all at once so I can call off work and just listen to it on replay all fucking day and try to keep F5 on this forum to discuss the songs, although this forum would probably be down for server overload.

The next record, if they actually release one, will probably be the last Guns N’ Roses record we ever get.”

Mysteron said, “It’ll be interesting to see. Just to say, I am in the positive camp. If it was just Dizzy and Fortus saying stuff then I would stay in bed. But I will listen to what Slash and Duff have to say because they are partners in the band, and Jarmo is not putting me off my positivity, so I will go with the flow just now and see what happens

As for the dark side, I can understand that too as the band missed a whole decade, but hey ho, let’s see what happens. There’s a long way to go in 2020.”

Sofine11 responded, “I’m staying cautiously positive until the tour kicks off with no sign of new music. They LOVE to say that ‘For now our focus is on the upcoming tour, but after that we all yada yada yada.’ If by the first show in March there’s nothing, then you can safely bet the farm that’s a no go for all of 2020 right there since the idea is to tour for the better part of the year after that.” A Guns N’ Roses icon recently took a brutal shot at Slash’s book.