Slash Girlfriend Reveals Creepy Axl Rose Photo


Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash’s girlfriend Meegan Hodges took some creepy photos of herself and Axl Rose at a recent concert. She wrote on social media, “Showing my creepy side. 😱🤡 #ishowedyouminenowshowmeyours Photos by @katbenzova_rockphoto.” A major Pearl Jam and Guns N’ Roses tour date rumor leaked earlier this week.

Guns N’ Roses performed in Salt Lake City earlier this week, and a review of the show was posted on Minnow wrote, “I was there in Salt Lake City, on the rail off center a bit to Slash side. This was my 5th NITL show, but first in 2 years.

Overall I loved it. Whenever I’m there live I don’t notice the imperfections. At the end I of the day, I’ve loved the band since 1988, no band will ever replace that, and I love seeing them, warts and all.

It’s a great 2.5-3 hour rock show and you get your money’s worth. I wish RQ and KOHD were condensed like others have said, but enjoy Witchita Lineman and love Seeker. I agree with nycgunner on how Slash steals the show. I saw GNR several times without him and it makes a big difference.

Dead Horse was a blast. I hadn’t heard Shadow live and I feel it’s a highlight. Crushes the studio version. I agree with others that it was sold out or nearly so. I noticed cheapest tickets had dropped to $43+fees on TM over the last week or so.

I flew in for the show. I don’t know that I’d do that again anytime soon, but would certainly drive a few hours, even if it is the exact same set list. It’s just too entertaining to pass up.”

Axl Rose was nearly rushed onstage by a woman on drugs a few days ago. UcudBmine discussed Axl Rose singing “Shadow Of Your Love” at the show. He said, “Honestly, not in a million years would I have expected to be even discussing this song in 2019. But I think it’s like Gibbo says, Axl sings a lot of words in a short period of time. He also needs a shitload of air in his lungs for this. Also he’s still running around the stage at 56 while carrying about 1.5x the weight he used to.

I remember a show in 2006 where Axl was pissed and sang every song standing in one spot, hardly moving at all. It was one of his best shows vocalwise. I believe it was Dublin?

Anyway. Seeing Axl kinda pull off SOYL makes me believe that he would be okay on songs like Perfect Crime, You’re Crazy (AFD) or anything that’s a bit fastpaced. Also I think that IRS would be fine and I’m kinda bummed it’s been gone for a while. The studio version is meh but he nailed the song live in 2010.” A Motley Crue revealed they sold alcohol to a Guns N’ Roses legend last week.