Axl Rose Stunned By Guns N’ Roses Drug Attack


Guns N’ Roses members Axl Rose and Slash were nearly rushed onstage by a woman who was allegedly on drugs, with Rose reacting to the situation onstage. Axl Rose throwing a Guns N’ Roses microphone was detailed yesterday.

Keyser Soze wrote on a New Orleans concert review, “Anyone who was talking bad about the crowd in this thread obviously wasn’t there. The crowd was massive, and LOUD, and the people in the front had been waiting 4+ hours in A TROPICAL STORM to see Guns. I truly think people don’t realize that last night after GNR came off stage, through the night, we got hit with so much rain and wind that I haven’t had power at my house since 4:30 this morning. This show could have not even happened, but it did!

I personally was about 2 rows back, right under Axl. As I’ve already mentioned, there was some sort of magic, or aura in the air last night. Im not sure if it was the fact that it had been raining ALL day, but as soon as GNR came on, it just all of a sudden stopped and cleared up, or something else just clicked. Axl was having so much fun running from side to side on the stage. He sounded and looked SO happy and was smiling and waving to the crowd.

The little pocket of people around me was singing And dancing and jumping to every word to every song. When they ripped into Dead Horse we all went crazy and started clapping and encouraging Axl to go for it! We were singing the lyrics super loud and he was dancing and feeling it and Slash was smiling. I wish there was a video, you can kinda see it in Meegans but they look looser, more comfortable. I’d like to mention that there was no ego thrust in the middle of the stage, so Axl and Duff spent a LOT of time standing and interacting with each other directly in the middle of the stage.”

Slash recently mourned a bandmate’s death. Soze later wrote, “This crowd was bonkers. During Rocket Queen, some woman under the influence of some type of drug made her way all the way from the back of the crowd pushing towards the front. She made it to the rail and pushed everyone off of the rail. Security had to literally pick her up out of the crowd and take her away. Fortus was watching it as it happened, but I think word made its way around stage because before YCBM, Axl said something along the lines of ‘we are getting a little rambunctious out there. Why don’t we try to calm things down with this soothing music.'”

CM Punk reacted to Axl Rose in a helicopter in a new Appetite for Distortion interview. Slash recently called out Rock Hall of Fame disrespect.

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