Angus Young Makes Horrible ‘Deaf’ AC/DC Announcement


AC/DC guitarist Angus Young discussed playing at a school for deaf children in a recently unearthed Classic Rock magazine interview. An AC/DC singer being ‘robbed’ at a cemetery was just revealed.

Angus said, “The intention is not to deafen anyone… but you can’t be fucking timid about these things. This might make you laugh. In our earlier days we were touring South Australia, and during the daytime we once did a gig for a school of deaf children. They sat at the front of the stage, put their ears to the ground and soaked up the vibration. And they fuckin’ loved it, even the youngest ones.”

The interviewer chimed in, “Okay, from the sublime to the ridiculous… ” Angus added, “That’s us! And we admit it.”

AC/DC fans on recently discussed the importance of Cliff Williams’ bass playing in the band. MyCubiclePenguin posted, “What a guy. I don’t think Cliff really gets a proper due – he’s exactly what a band like ACDC needs as a player, and though not as outgoing as Brian is, he seems to have that same friendliness and humility. I love that Fairbairn and BoB really brought him out on the volume side of things.”

Mutt_Langes_Perm responded, “What about Mutt on HTH and FTATR?” MyCubiclePenguin then posted, “Good there as well, but I love how much it pops out on tracks such as RYHO, Skies on Fire, and Smash n Grab (yes, LHM, too). Part of me wishes there was more room for him to play around with some good basslines, such as on GAB and the aforementioned tracks, but I’m also not sure if that would work with the ACDC sound.

I forgot who said it, but, IIRC, some band member said that they don’t focus much on individual parts as much as they do having all those parts together contribute to the song (aside from Angus), so having Cliff do a bunch of unique bass work that somewhat distracts from the rest of the song probably wouldn’t work for a band such as ACDC, though it’s nice to see every now and then.” Angus Young called out new AC/DC album disrespect last week.