Slipknot Angered By Awful Mask Ripoff Accusation


Slipknot bassist Alessandro ‘V-Man’ Venturella has responded on Instagram to some fans who are claiming his new Slipknot mask is a ripoff of Hollywood Undead, saying he’s not a fan of the group.

ketchupaddictions commented, “Reminds me of a strawberry milkshake.” Venturella responded, “@ketchupaddictions reminds me of a moron.”

paulflood121 wrote, “Secks.” He responded, “Poop lord.” anime_bonita commented, “Tell me why I thought dis boi was holding some kind of Pokemon ball.” He responded, “Because you are 15.”

nolan_kerr40 commented, “I totally thought this was a GTA5 online outfit.” He responded, “I’m not 10. So I wouldn’t know.” joeljonathanc commented, “Getting some Hollywood Undead vibes.” Venturella responded, “Getting some underage vibes.”

marcel_feuer.frei94 commented, “J Dog is one singer of Hollywood Undead.” Venturella responded, “I don’t like Hollywood Undead. Not for me. But if someone thinks that because my mask is white. That’s the reason it’s similar. They should go back to school.”

miasmagasm wrote, “Reminds me of those anime people that runs around comic con in a trench coat… but bad ass.” Venturella responded, “@miasmagasm you ready my mind.”

iamonlyaman07 reacted on the Slipknot Reddit to Venturella’s remarks.

“Sarcastic I get. He’s coming off as kinda a dick tho isn’t he? Telling his fans they are 15 and stuff? The other day I saw a bunch of middle schoolers wearing Slipknot shirts. That’s at least 1/4 of their fan base now whether they like it or not. Gotta show respect that’s all I’m saying. Specially being one of the new guys imo.”

maniakb416 said, “He is f**king with people. He doesn’t mean any of it. It’s so weird that people are acting like he is such an asshole for bantering with a few haters on instagram. It’s especially weird coming from f**king Slipknot fans.