Slipknot Brutally Call Out Member For Being ‘Overweight’


Slipknot guitarist Jim Root called himself out for being out of shape in a new interview, but said he is trying to make an effort to eat healthier and exercise. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments about touring. A Slipknot member recently revealed a stunning new 2020 mask.

“After awhile, it kind of wears you down. But I’m trying to do better, I’m trying to exercise more, and change my diet. Touring is hard man, it’s hard to find good food to eat, it’s hard to go out and actually do stuff, and be active, because you’re so worn out from all the traveling. Do I really want to try to go jogging today? I can flip on my X-Box and play Call of Duty instead.

It’s a lot of work, and a lot of sacrifice. Recently, I’ve had to try and explain that to some people. The real work starts when you get a record deal, and you get out there and you start doing thing, and you start putting records out. You have to be thinking about your next record kind of while you are working on the record you are working on. You always have to be a step ahead of yourself.

There’s always something happening, and there’s travel. It’s hard on relationships. Not just personal relationships, but family, friends, missing your home, and then it’s almost like you have two alternate realities that you live in. You have your home world, and your touring world.

I’ve put off having a family because I knew I was going to be out on the road all of the time. So when I go home, it’s just me. So that’s a hard thing for me to kind of wrap my brain around, and it’s a little bit difficult sometimes. Some of the other guys, Clown and Corey, they have wives and children. I’m sure for them that’s a weird sort of transition to make.” Corey Taylor recently called out a ‘mistake’ at a Slipknot show.