Slipknot Make Terrible New Member Demand


Slipknot were recently interviewed by Metal Hammer magazine, including Corey Taylor, and the band’s representatives demanded that they not ask about the new Slipknot member affectionately referred to as ‘Tortilla Man.’

Metal Hammer wrote, “Today, Hammer are granted time with four members – Corey, Jim, fellow guitarist Mick Thomson, and DJ Sid Wilson. Shawn himself is not available for press, and before the calls we are told with no compromise that any questions regarding Chris Fehn, his mysterious replacement in the band, or particularly, anything to do with Gabrielle Crahan will lead to immediate termination of the interviews.”

Corey, “There is a commitment to each other.” Regarding silence. “It’s not something that anyone outside us wants to talk about. [The media] want the bullshit and the drama, but this is a brotherhood. Don’t ever forget that.”

The new Slipknot member recently wrote in a bizarre onstage message, “Who is the new guy?”

WikiMBWe posted on Reddit, “To be fair his identity is hidden for quite long what’s impressive. Vman and Jay were identified in a week after The Devil in I music video was released.”

ChoklitCow said, “I doubt his anonymity will last long once the US tour begins. There are enough people that follow tours on multiple stops that eventually they will start being able to remove road crew members from the equation, unless he’s not traveling with the band at all.”

A Slipknot fan on Reddit claimed that he saw Simon Crahan say on an Instagram stream that the mysterious new Slipknot member ‘Tortilla Man’ is bald, having lost his hair. There were recently photos leaked of who many believed was the new Slipknot member at a hotel.