Howard Stern Announces Rush Drummer ‘Replacement’


Howard Stern recently suggested that a Rush drummer Neil Peart stand in should have performed a ‘drum solo’ for Rush at the Grammys in honor of the iconic drummer, who died from brain cancer last month. A Rush employee recently revealed if Neil Peart ‘gave up’ before his death. recapped: Howard took a call from a guy who said they didn’t make one mention of Neil Peart at the Grammys. Howard said they could have had a drum solo or something. The caller said that they had something for Nipsy Hustle. Howard said it’s a small segment for them. He said that Michelle Obama won a Grammy. He said from a TV perspective they use the most popular names. The caller said it’s a music show though. Robin said they spelled Rik Ocasek’s name wrong. Howard said who cares. Howard said Richard refuses to watch the show because they dis rock and metal on that show. Howard said he and Robin don’t get too worked up.

Howard said he was thinking about how Paul Giamatti should have gotten a nomination for Private Parts. He said the academy ignored him though.

Howard took a call from a guy who asked if Madison is still talking to him on Lithium. Howard said occasionally she does. Robin said she’s always inviting him to concerts. The caller asked if he likes it when she sings. Howard said it’s fine but he listens for the music. He said he does like that they have announcers. He said otherwise it’s a streaming service. He said he could do without Madison singing.

Howard said he was getting that scratchy feeling in his throat over the weekend. He said Peloton watches you and knows when you don’t work out. He said he wanted them to just leave him alone for the week. He said you can’t work out when you’re sick. Robin said that’s your body telling you that you need rest. Howard said his mother always understands illness. He said he didn’t call her over the weekend. He said he usually calls every weekend. He said he laid down last night and saw the phone was ringing. He said he saw it was his mother. He said she knew something was wrong. A sad Neil Peart beach photo taken before his death was recently revealed.